Chapter 1: Mastering the ABCs of Public Speaking

Parts of Your Speech

Effective speeches can be divided into three basic parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. As you construct your speech, you need to consider each section and how you're going to connect them in a way that your audience can understand and appreciate.

The Introduction: As you open the speech, your main focus should be to grab the audience's attention and unveil the specific purpose of your talk. Be sure that the purpose of the speech is presented so that the audience can clearly see how the information that will be presented is relevant, important, and beneficial to them. Chapter 3 discusses specific attention-grabbing techniques and offers other suggestions for introductions.

The Body: This portion of your speech is where the topic is discussed in depth and all of the supporting material is presented. For your audience to appreciate the information in the body of the speech, you need to use a specific organization approach that supports the subject of your talk. There are six organizing speech patterns, including: topical, chronological, spatial, causal, problem-solution, and motivated sequence. Here we'll look at each in more depth and later look at how to relate supporting ideas.

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