Chapter 4: Stand and Deliver

Since pronunciation and enunciation are closely interrelated, problems arise when the speaker utters one or more syllables incorrectly. Be sure to get a handle on these two elements because errors in these areas can ruin your delivery. To ensure you pronounce and enunciate the words in your speech accurately, always keep a dictionary and a thesaurus handy, prepare your speech in advance, record your speech, then assess your presentation for clarity.

Just in case you want to start improving your enunciation and pronunciation right away, here is a list of suggestions:

Instead of Say
da Bronx The Bronx
dancin' Dancing
dat fadda that father
Febuary February
Gazinto goes into
Gonna Going
How ya doin' How are you doing?
meetcha at the store Meet you at the store
ta go To go
Whatcha doin'? What are you doing?

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