Chapter 3: Developing Compelling Presentations

What you want to do is find an opener that will distinguish you from the other people that they've heard. So stay away from speech openers that simply thank the audience for the invitation or recaps the event's activities (they have a program for that). If you start with openings like these, you'll fade into the background in no time. You'll have time to thank the group for the invite just don't do that as your opener.

Instead, jump into your presentation by grabbing their attention by using a compelling statement or statistic, humor, shock, or a powerful image. More specifically, consider these approaches:

Now that you have some options, pick an opener that's right for your presentation. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting quotes, mind-blowing statistics, and insightful anecdotes. Also, re-read your old speeches too. You can breathe new life into an old presentation by adding a bold new opener. And once you do that, don't forget a powerful close.

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