Chapter 5: Click Here for Technology

Public Speaking Tech Tools You Can Use

So what are the types of technology tools (and toys) you can incorporate into your public speaking engagements? If you think PowerPoint is your only alternative, you're mistaken. Your choices are endless, but here are just a few options to consider:

Hop, Skip, Click

Now that you know how you can use technology to support your speeches as well as the wide range of technological alternatives that are available—explore them! Internet technical tools can greatly enhance your speech and help you become a better speaker. How? An interesting, interactive visual can relieve some of your stress because it gives the audience another focal point plus it frees you up from relying on your notes or index cards as you take cues from your slides. More importantly, adding technology will help you better serve your audience, and that, after all, should be the primary reason you take the stage.

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