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Use Pecha Kucha to make PowerPoint Presentations Pop!

Pecha Kucha—pronounced pecha koocha—is a straightforward format where you speak about 20 images for 20 seconds each. The entire talk runs for a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Pecha Kucha, which is a Japanese term that means chit chat, is a concept that was developed by architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein to help their younger colleagues give punchier presentations. The business owners started Pecha Kucha Nights in February 2003 in Tokyo as informal, fun gatherings where attendees stuck to the PechKucha20x20 format.

Now Pecha Kucha Nights have gone global and are enjoyed by revelers in more than 230 cities worldwide. The subject matter has expanded beyond the architectural field and the social gatherings are beneficial for the listeners as well as the presenters. Audience members enjoy concise punchy visually stimulating speeches on a variety of subjects while the person delivering the message is forced to be organized, disciplined, and on point. Gone are the days of long-winded, boring PowerPoint slideshows.

But how can you incorporate this new phenomenon in your upcoming presentations? As you develop your speech and choose to incorporate PowerPoint slides remember that brief is better. Make every slide count. Also, rehearse your talk with moving slides so that you stay focused and know the message you want to convey. In addition, look for ways to be remarkable and different. In many cases, you may be one of many speakers so you need to do something to standout. And if the situation allows it, deliver your own 20X20 Pecha Kucha slide presentation. Your audience will probably appreciate it and if they need more information, they can ask questions at the end.

For more information on Pecha Kucha, you can do a search on the web and watch actual presentations on YouTube. Or, you can connect to the Pecha Kucha website (

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